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  • Metadata describes all aspects of your book

    Metadata is detailed information about a book - and it's about more than just the content. It acts as a guide where the publisher provides information about the book's identity, context and relevance. From basic details like format, title and author to more complex elements like categories, genres, keywords and accessibility features - making it easy for readers to find your book.

    Improved metadata empowers the books' visibility

    Success with metadata first and foremost requires understanding reader behaviour and preferences - what they search for, what words they use and how they choose the right book for them. By being able to analyse user preferences, it's easier to optimise and customise metadata, increasing visibility to the target audience.

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    Metadata now and in the future

    But updated metadata also requires that publishers have the right tools at their disposal. At Publizon, we work to make it as easy as possible for publishers to update metadata on an ongoing basis. 

    We do this by, among other things, aiming to offer our publishers fully comprehensive metadata across the entire Nordic region, where all fields used in each country are available and where certain requirements are set for the quality of the metadata.

    In addition, we want to improve the possibilities that currently exist for using theme codes and tags, and we want to be able to generate good suggestions for texts using artificial intelligence.